The club committee is staffed by parents:

  • Andrew Mence (Chair)
  • Paul Wright (Treasurer)
  • Janette Moore (Gala Secretary)
  • Cath Cooper (Registrations Officer)
  • Toni Hudson (New Members)
  • Andrew Moore (Club Secretary)
  • Louise Gibson-Yates (Coach Liaison Officer)
  • Jeff Yates (Fundraising Officer)
  • Sarah Mence (Welfare Officer)
  • Sophie Hutchinson (Welfare Officer)
  • Paul Rowan (Press Secretary)

The role of Welfare Officer is essential in providing a first point of contact for children, parents and adults within the club who have a child safeguarding and welfare concern. In partnership with the club committee the welfare officer ensures that the club is adopting and implementing child safeguarding policy and procedures which are necessary for it to demonstrate in its duty of care to children. Please feel free to approach Sarah in confidence if you have any concerns.


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