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The Invincibles do it Again

Selby Tiger Sharks continued there winning ways this weekend at the Rotherham Metro Gala held at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre. Teams from as far away from the Isle of Man competed along with the might of Rotherham Metro swimming Club with there vast amount of talented swimmers. As usual The Sharks held their own picking up medals in just about every race they entered, these swimmers know no limits against bigger teams.

The Gala is graded into times against ages which result in either A, B or C grades . The first race saw Gracie Pinder in the 200m Individual Medley coming a close second and gaining a very good B grade time along with a silver medal. Gracie is quickly becoming a very successful competitive swimmer and a valued asset to Selby Tiger Sharks.

Danielle Cartman showed her wide range of strokes in the 200m Individual Medley with a hard fought bronze medal and posting an A grade time too. Distance swimming seems to be Danielle’s forte with a very impressive Gold medal finish in the 200m backstroke and a B grade time . Another bronze medal in the 200m freestyle with an A grade time was followed by a 100m backstroke silver medal finish where only one tenth of a second split the top three finishers. The shorter 50m breastroke saw Danielle come in 4th place where only one second could split the top four places.

Newly appointed Junior Club Captain Alice Moore finished one tenth of a second behind team mate Danielle in the 200IM with a respectable 4th place. Another distance swimmer in the making Alice picked up a bronze medal in the 100 breastroke and B grade times, with bronze again in the 100m butterfly and B grade times. The 50m breastroke saw Alice win gold with a B grade time rounding off a very successful weekend for her.

Olivia Mence kept the flag flying with a silver medal in the 200IM and B grade times, with two bronze medals in the 100m backstroke and 50m backstroke respectively both with A grade times. Olivia Rowan won a gold medal in the 100m breastroke, bronze medals in the 50m freestyle and 100m backstroke, a silver medal in the 50m backstroke and bronze in the 100m freestyle all with A grade times, another good performance from the Clubs youngest competitive swimmer.

Selby Tiger Sharks 2019 Club Captain Tia Mae Burden won a silver medal in the 200m freestyle with A grade times, a gold medal in the 50m butterfly and 200m breastroke saw her pick up a bronze medal both with B grade finishing times.

Top Gala attendance and Top attendance award at the recently held Tiger Sharks Presentation night went to Grace Gibson along with a silver medal in the 50m butterfly and a bronze medal in the 50m backstroke, both with B grade finishers. You can always rely on Grace to bring medals home from the galas she attends and she goes to a lot of Galas!

The only boy at the competition for Selby was the ever dependable Nile Michael who won a superbly fought gold medal in the 50m freestyle and a B grade time. A fifth place finish in the 100m breaststroke rounded Niles Sunday swim off.

Other swimmers for The Sharks who were just outside the medals table were Bethan Wright, Megan Moore, Grace Bell and Lucy Moore but they all put in excellent performances. Special thanks go to our poolside attendants Janette Moore, Andrew Mence and Louise Gibson who’s jobs are made that bit easier with the impeccable behaviour of all our swimmers.

Sharks reward new sponsors in New Year

Harrogate Leisure centre hosted the first Janus gala meet on the weekend of 5th and 6th January 2019 and Selby Tiger Sharks didn't disappoint new sponsor, Yorcoms, a Yorkshire based provider of digital connectivity, with a bag full of medals. The vastly experienced swimmer Hannah Buckley led the way with 6 races collecting 2 gold medals in the 200m Butterfly and 100m Breaststroke. A bronze medal in the 100m Butterfly and two fifth place finishes in the 200m Freestyle and 200m IM were rounded off with an arduous battle in the 400m freestyle coming a respectful 8th place.

Alice Moore kept the momentum going with 6 races picking up a silver medal in the 50m Breaststroke, bronze in the 50m Backstroke beating her previous PBs. Two fourth place medals were awarded in the 100m backstroke and 100m Butterfly. Just missing out on the medals in the 200m Breaststroke and another impressive effort in the formidable 200IM completed the day for young Alice, a good solid performance all round.

Another perfect performance from veteran swimmer, Lauren Buckley who's
swimming career was built on strong foundations and is now making a difference and giving something back to Selby Tiger Sharks in coaching the new starters saw gold in the 50m Butterfly and silver in the 100m Freestyle.

Gracie ‘Pocket Rocket’ Pinder had a very successful day claiming gold in the 200m Freestyle, silver in the 200m IM and two fourth place finishes in the 100m Backstroke and 200m Breaststroke respectively. Picking up a 6th place medal in the 50m Breaststroke and a 10th place finish in the 50m Backstroke rounded off a good start to the year for Gracie, who was still looking for her first medals this time last year.

Janus is the mythological Roman God of beginnings and transitions, quite appropriate for Maddy Stevenson who is just making her way onto the gala circuit with a 6th place medal in the 50m backstroke and a hard fought 10th place finish against swimmers
from across the country in the 50m Freestyle.

Birthday girl Grace Gibson had cause for double celebrations with a gold medal for her 200m Breaststroke, two second place finishes in the 50m Butterfly and 100m Breaststroke. The formidable 400m Freestyle saw her finish 4th and a 6th place
finish in the 100m Freestyle, shaving considerable seconds of her PBs along the way. Five races and five medals for Grace, never underestimate Selby Tiger Sharks swimmers.

The ever dependable Will Hyde added to the continued success with gold in the 50m Backstroke, bronze in the 100m Butterfly and a fourth place finish in the 100m Backstroke. A sixth place finish in the 50m Freestyle rounded off a very successful weekend for both Will and for Selby Tiger Sharks.

Santa Meet brings medals galore

Santa Claus saw the arrival of Selby Tiger Sharks at John Charles Centre for Sport last weekend with plenty of gifts and Gold medals for the ever-successful swimmers. An outstanding number of competitors entered this Gala from across the county, but Selby held their own in all races.

One of many outstanding performances came from Olivia Mence achieving PBs in all her races including Golds in the 100m & 50m Freestyle. Speeding Tickets were issued for 200IM, 50m Backstroke and Breaststroke and 100m Backstroke. Danielle Cartman swam to victory in the 100m Back stroke and 50m breaststroke, a silver medal won for her 100m Butterfly and bronze in the 100m Breaststroke. Grace Bell also picked up a speeding ticket for her impressive swim in the 50m backstroke and smashed her previous times for the 100m breaststroke and freestyle, and the 50m butterfly. Club stalwart and choreographer Tia Mae Burden claimed gold in her 100m Butterfly, silver in the 200IM, bronze for the 100m breaststroke.

Grace Gibson kept the medals flowing with golds in 50m freestyle 50m backstroke and 50m freestyle. A further 4 speeding tickets were issued for her times in the 100m backstroke, 50m & 100m breaststroke and 100m freestyle respectively. Two gold medals followed Will Hyde after his 50m and 100m breaststroke another good swim in the 100m backstroke and 100 freestyle saw silver and bronze with the inclusion of a now familiar speeding ticket in the 50m freestyle.

Speeding tickets were also awarded to Nile Michael in the 100m Freestyle and Breaststroke a bronze medal followed in the 50m breaststroke. Family success continued with sister Erin demolishing her previous recorded times in the 50m Freestyle, Butterfly and Backstroke, a tremendous set of PBs for this up and coming swimmer. Yet another outstanding performance from Jonathan Monks saw him pick up four speeding tickets in the 50m backstroke and butterfly and in the 100 breaststroke and freestyle.

A determined Alice Moore was surely not to be out done in the physically demanding 200 IM and romped home with a gold medal along with another hard-fought gold in the 100m butterfly. The 100m breaststroke was another silver medal for young Alice who is quickly establishing herself on the gala circuit. Entering an eye watering 8 events including three 4th place finishes and two 5th place finishes, Alice is the one to watch in 2019.

Another regular swimmer and marathon gala entrant Megan Moore, in which 8 events saw her pipped to the post in several races but still managed to achieve 3 PBs for her efforts. Her medals haul is just around the corner in this fiercely contested age group. Keir Murie wasn’t phased by his 8 events recording 4 PBs and a silver medal for the 50m breaststroke and bronze in the 100m backstroke.

New girl on the block Tilly Murray entered 5 races and picked up two speeding tickets and four PBs while gaining valuable gala experience. A Tsunami of parents cheered Olivia Rowan on to gold medal place and a PB in the 50m breaststroke, and a bronze medal in the 50m backstroke which wrapped this performance up until the New Year.

Four PBs and two speeding tickets kick started Maddy Stevenson’s gala experience off with a superbly won gold in the 50m Freestyle, bring on 2019 for this capable swimmer. Bethan Wright maintained her consistently perfect performance with 5 PBs from 5 races, a gold medal in the 50m butterfly and bronze in the 100m breaststroke was only added to with a speeding ticket in the 50m breaststroke.

Firmly seated on the gala circuit is Gracie Pinder, a silver medal in the 50m backstroke followed by another silver medal in the 50m butterfly was accompanied with a bronze in the 100 freestyle. Her efforts were rewarded with a speeding ticket in the 100m breaststroke, watch this space for future golds in this event. Fearless Gracie entered the formidable 100IM destroying her previous time and sending shockwaves through the competition.

A record 9 events were entered by Lillian Cooper including the gargantuan and arguably her favourite event the 200IM in which she claimed a bronze medal. A silver medal rewarded her efforts in the 100m Butterfly and narrowly missing out in other events. A sturdy performance rounded not only Lillian’s performance off but that of all Selby Tiger Sharks swimmers.

In this gala alone 18 swimmers finished in 15 gold medal places with 23 speeding tickets awarded and an incredible 62 Personal Best times, not to mention 5 swimmers recording PBS in all their entered events. This club is brimming with excellent competitive swimmers bolstered on by the most emphatic of parental support. Santa and his reindeer maybe late this year, they’re bringing our medals home. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Selby Tiger Sharks.

Tiger Sharks light up the Sky – Bonfire Bash

The Sharks were back in the water at John Charles Centre for Sport for the much-coveted Bonfire Bash, this is always a good place for Selby Tiger Sharks to show what they are made of. Sparks were flying again with Hannah Buckley smashing her way to Gold in the 100m IM, a silver medal in the 50m Butterfly and the 50m backstroke. Two well-earned 4th place finishers medals in the 50m freestyle and 50m back stroke. No speeding tickets this time for Dannielle Cartman achieving a 6th place finish in the massive 100m IM.

Grace Gibson kept the fire burning with a silver medal in the 50m Butterfly and 3 PBs to show for her continuous hard work in training. Olivia Mence claimed two fourth place finishers medals for the 100m IM and 50m backstroke respectively. Speed King Nile Michael picked up a silver medal in the 50m breaststroke and a well-earned 4 PBs across the board in the remaining events.

Alice Moore scored silver in the 50m back stroke and 3 PBs for her hard work too. Lucy Moore came 6th in her 50m butterfly and 5th in the 50m backstroke.

Elder sister and keen competitor Megan Moore claimed a 5th place finishers medal 50m breaststroke. Keir Murie lit up the sky with a solid performance in the 100m IM claiming gold for his efforts and a silver in the 50m Butterfly. A fifth-place finish in the 50m breaststroke was topped off with 4 PBs in his events.

In comparison Gracie Pinder is still starting out on the gala circuit but never fails to deliver coming home with a silver medal in the 50m butterfly and a healthy 3 PBs to reward her efforts in the pool. Along with Hannah Buckley, Olivia Rowan medalled in all her events with a silver in the 100m IM, two 4th place medals in the 50m butterfly and freestyle. Two well-earned gold medals were awarded for the 50m backstroke and 50m breaststroke. Olivia achieved 4 PBs for her continued improvement in the water knocking a whopping 10.09 seconds of her previous time for the 50m backstroke and a further 12.56 seconds off her 50m butterfly.  Bethan Wright picked up a 5th place medal in the 50m Freestyle and a 4th place medal in the 50m breaststroke a reliable swimmer on every occasion. Selby Tiger Sharks continue to improve to higher levels in every gala they enter with a fantastic 25 medals and 35 personal best times across just 13 swimmers at this well organised event.

SAS Halloween Meet

Selby Tiger Sharks travelled to Beverley Leisure Centre for the annual Halloween Meet. A scary place for the first-time gala ghoul, but there were no tricks at this event, just treats for the ten swimmers who performed at the highest level achieving 15 Personnel best times and 24 medals. First into the cauldron was Hannah Buckley storming to victory in the 100m Individual medley. Gold was to follow again in the 50m backstroke and two 3rd place finishes in the 50m breast stroke and 50m Freestyle.

Hannah finished in a close 4th place Butterfly. Keir Murie frightened the competition with a gold in the 100m IM, two silver medals in the 50m Butterfly and 50m breast stroke. A respective 5th in the 50 m Freestyle and 4th in the 50m backstroke. Medals followed for Lilian Cooper with a Bronze for her efforts in the 100IM, one of her strongest events, and a 5th place medal for the 50m breast stroke.

With two speeding tickets and 3 PBs Dannielle Cartman got her 6th place finish medal for her continuous efforts whenever asked of her. Lucy Moore just missed out on a medal having been awarded a speeding ticket in the 100m IM. Megan Moore added to the medals haul collecting a 4th place finish in the 100m IM and a 6th place medal in the 50m backstroke.

Grace Gibson, already a seasoned gala swimmer picked up a 5th place finish medal for the 100IM, Bronze in the 50m Butterfly and another 5th place finishers medal in the 50m breaststroke. Olivia Mence got a bronze medal for her efforts in the 50m Freestyle and Silver in the 50m backstroke.


September Sprints

Beverley Leisure Centre played hosts for the Doncaster Dartes September Sprints on the 30th September. Technical issues with the pool halted proceedings for a short while, but this didn’t stop the Sharks from making the most of the competition once it started. Tia Mae Burden, Megan Moore, Lillian Cooper, Grace Bell, Alice Moore and Danielle Cartman all took part in spectacular races in a warm swimming pool, not ideal conditions for competitive swimmers.

Grace Bell claimed a silver medal in the 50M Freestyle & Tia a gold medal in the same event. Danielle amassed 4 speeding tickets for exceeding the top times for her grade.

The afternoon session saw Faye Aldred, Bethan Wright, Nile Michael, Lucy Moore, Tilly Murray, Olivia Rowan and Grace Gibson enter the competitive cauldron, these ice cool swimmers seemed to influence the water temperature as it cooled to help them achieve PBs, an impressive 16 in total.

Medals quickly flowed as Olivia Rowan won Silver in freestyle & Bronze in Breaststroke, Bethan Wright Gold in freestyle and Bronze in fly, Faye Aldred dazzled the team with a Gold in Freestyle & Silver in the IM. Nile rocketed through his races gaining a Gold in Bronze in Fly, swiftly followed by Tilly gaining her first medal at a gala in Freestyle and Grace Gibson a Silver in Fly. Lucy Moore cut through the water to earn a well-deserved Gold in the IM.

Bethan Wright, Lucy Moore and Grace Gibson were also awarded speeding tickets.

The team were focused, and it was clear that they meant business managing a team position of 12th out of 23 team competition, this result is awesome considering speeding tickets were excluded from the points scoring. Go Go Go Sharks.

Rotherham Metro Sprints

An England World Cup final appearance (and victory) would have probably been the only way to have bettered what was a fantastic weekend for the Selby Tiger Sharks.

Our swimmers continue to shine in what was a hugely competitive gala with some outstanding performances across all ages and all strokes.

Cazia Martin toped the Tiger Sharks medal table with a very impressive 6 medals (2 gold, 4 silvers) and 2 more Yorkshire times.

Competing at her debut gala, a special ‘shout out’ goes to Olivia Rowan. 3 races, a gold, silver and bronze, 3 PBs that just so happened to be Yorkshire qualifying times! Olivia, you’ve set the bar high!

It was PBs galore for the team, with all swimmers achieving several personal best times. Hannah Buckley swam away with a gold and 2 bronze medals, Olivia Mence backed up her impressive last gala performance with a bronze and another Yorkshire time. Lillian Cooper and Alice Moore contributed to an impressive Tiger Sharks medals haul.

The Tiger Sharks are hunting down the competition….

Doncaster Dartes B Grade Meet

A fantastic day for Selby Tiger Sharks with Cazia Martin stealing the show in her debut gala. 4 golds, 4 Yorkshire qualifying times and the Top Girl award, a remarkable performance! Superstar!
Cazia wasn’t the only Shark to shine. Nile Michael took an impressive 3 golds, Hannah Buckley claimed another 3 golds, Olivia Mence gold in the 100m backstroke with medals for Lillian Cooper (2), Grace Gibson (2), Will Hyde, Olivia Mence (3 more).
A great gala performance by Selby Tiger Sharks, plenty of medals and even more PB times. Well done all.

Rotherham Metro Gala

What a weekend from the Tiger Sharks! A hugely competitive gala saw Tia-Mae Burden claim 2 silvers and 2 bronze medals as well as achieve 3 Yorkshire times. Jonathon Monks continues to impress with another Yorkshire time in what was only his 3rd competitive gala. Olivia Mence made her 50 backstroke Yorkshire qualifying time and Nile Michael made his 50m breaststroke time.

The team put in an outstanding performance, with our 10 swimmers achieving a staggering 27 PBs. Very proud of all swimmers.

Doncaster Darts Mad March Sprints

A great day for swimmers, with performance of the day coming on his debut, Jonathan Monks – collecting 4 speeding tickets and a gold! Medals too for Megan Moore, Nile Michael, Alice Moore, Keir Murie and Lucy Moore smashed it with 2 speeding tickets and PBs. Faye Aldred also claimed a fabulous speeding ticket and plenty of PBs across the team all day, Lillian Cooper achieving 3 out of for 4 races.