Tiger Sharks light up the Sky – Bonfire Bash

The Sharks were back in the water at John Charles Centre for Sport for the much-coveted Bonfire Bash, this is always a good place for Selby Tiger Sharks to show what they are made of. Sparks were flying again with Hannah Buckley smashing her way to Gold in the 100m IM, a silver medal in the 50m Butterfly and the 50m backstroke. Two well-earned 4th place finishers medals in the 50m freestyle and 50m back stroke. No speeding tickets this time for Dannielle Cartman achieving a 6th place finish in the massive 100m IM.

Grace Gibson kept the fire burning with a silver medal in the 50m Butterfly and 3 PBs to show for her continuous hard work in training. Olivia Mence claimed two fourth place finishers medals for the 100m IM and 50m backstroke respectively. Speed King Nile Michael picked up a silver medal in the 50m breaststroke and a well-earned 4 PBs across the board in the remaining events.

Alice Moore scored silver in the 50m back stroke and 3 PBs for her hard work too. Lucy Moore came 6th in her 50m butterfly and 5th in the 50m backstroke.

Elder sister and keen competitor Megan Moore claimed a 5th place finishers medal 50m breaststroke. Keir Murie lit up the sky with a solid performance in the 100m IM claiming gold for his efforts and a silver in the 50m Butterfly. A fifth-place finish in the 50m breaststroke was topped off with 4 PBs in his events.

In comparison Gracie Pinder is still starting out on the gala circuit but never fails to deliver coming home with a silver medal in the 50m butterfly and a healthy 3 PBs to reward her efforts in the pool. Along with Hannah Buckley, Olivia Rowan medalled in all her events with a silver in the 100m IM, two 4th place medals in the 50m butterfly and freestyle. Two well-earned gold medals were awarded for the 50m backstroke and 50m breaststroke. Olivia achieved 4 PBs for her continued improvement in the water knocking a whopping 10.09 seconds of her previous time for the 50m backstroke and a further 12.56 seconds off her 50m butterfly.  Bethan Wright picked up a 5th place medal in the 50m Freestyle and a 4th place medal in the 50m breaststroke a reliable swimmer on every occasion. Selby Tiger Sharks continue to improve to higher levels in every gala they enter with a fantastic 25 medals and 35 personal best times across just 13 swimmers at this well organised event.

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